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Free or very cheap and without investment!

The Internet never fails

The cloud video surveillance does not not reduce your traffic by uploading heavy video from IP-cameras, so you can continue to watch IP-TV and IP-movies at home

Life doesn't end

The netsurveillance over web does not waste your time by watching long videos but only show the highlights of the event in home, office or even city

Place doesn't matter

The video cloud does not need a powerful internet connection to IP-cameras, even mobile Internet is enough, everything works perfect outside the city without Wi-Fi, and you do not pay much to the mobile operator

It's free

For one camera you do not need to buy anything from us, and at the same time you will have access to the most sophisticated features, including face recognition

Archive - for decades

It is not stored a day, nor a week or even a month, like with digital video recorders. You can check who looks suspicious or preparing to do something bad for many years ago

Free face identification and tracking of persons

You will be able to track specific people and their activities by tracing their paths and time of passage, setting the search by face even you have just usual ip network camera

Finding faces from life

Usually everyone teaches their neural network on high-quality Internet photos in excellent angles and illumination, but our system is trained for real videos from CCTV-cameras

Definition of car license plates

Now it cheap and does not require a computer, because car numbers are determined in cloud with neural network

Large-scale GIS-structure

Stationary video cameras can stand alone and in different places, in different rooms, buildings, cities... All of them are combined into a common structure controlled from a map

Mobile surveillance with GIS-navigation

Video from mobile cameras (phones, tablets, car IP-systems, etc.) come with a GIS-data on the map

Immediately after installation, everything works, the password is your MAK-address. We do not know and do not want to know who or where you are

You do not need to specify your name

Indestructible witness

Your recording device could also be stolen, but it`s impossible to reach cloud. Video records are very safe

Event-driven surveillance

Do not become the guard, do not control your video cameras 24/7. Live life, your mobile phone will display video-events only when they occur.

Own data sampling structure to connect the cause with the effect, find links between and pointing out the important things, for future reference

Search and analysis tools through video archives

Selective notification

You can set up your apt for different types of alarms depending on requirements using video analytics


Internet control from anywhere and from any device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, smart watch…) Use anyone ip camera

Face identification service

The facial recognition system from Speslab works in any conditions, at any angle and any side of the face wearing glasses, hats, ... and, most importantly – in the dark. For the most parts FREE.

Anyone who has ever used the services of surveillance via the Internet, you can relax!
Now they do not interfere with everyday life, at least in the service of “Distant witness”.

Analytical archive on «Short Data»

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